Peer Mentoring For Used Office Furniture Stores Can Bring New Profits!

The recent downturn has left plenty of office furniture looking for a home—and lots of businesses looking for used furniture. As the economic picture slowly improves, there’ll be even more firms looking to pick up office desks, office chairs and cubicles. Will it be your used office furniture store that gets their business? Could you be in a better position to take advantage of the coming opportunities? Could you use the insight of other successful used office furniture store owners to refine your strategic direction? Could you benefit from their advice, and the advice of a veteran, highly successful business coach?

We’d like to invite you to join other successful used office furniture dealers who are looking to make 2010 a business year to remember. Be part of our Peer Benchmarking Review Group for Used Office Furniture Store Owners—a cost-effective, proven way to hone the business strategies that will lead to success!

We bring in eight to 10 of your fellow furniture store entrepreneurs—successful, motivated owners like yourself, chosen from markets that don’t overlap—and add the expertise of business mentor Ron Sturgeon. Together, you go over the numbers. You learn exactly where you stand in relation to your peers; you also learn what strategies are working for them, just as they learn what’s working for you in terms of lowering costs, increasing sales and improving profits. And you learn how to put those strategies in place in your business!

Peer Benchmarking for Used Office Furniture Stores: It’s Guaranteed!

But Peer Benchmarking Review Groups offer even more. Bring your initiatives to the table; they’ll get a “Big and Easy Analysis” that’ll help you set your strategic priorities. And you’ll learn how to integrate the Internet into your marketing strategies, using bulk e-mail, Web sites and services such as eBay, Facebook and Craigslist to bring customers to your door! It’s like having a team of small business consultants at your disposal!

Business consultant Ron Sturgeon, an expert at business planning and business development, knows all about the value of peer mentoring; he learned years ago how it can bolster a company’s bottom line. That’s why he’s offering a 100 percent money back guarantee to participants in Peer Benchmarking Review Group sessions! Contact Ron Sturgeon today to learn more about how peer benchmarking can help you cut costs and increase profits, or to join a Peer Benchmarking Review Group for Used Office Furniture Stores!