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If The Reality Show "Survivor" Has Taught Us Anything...

...is that those whom form alliances are the ones that go the furthest. Having a business peer benchmarking review group is a lot like forming an alliance with other business owners in your industry in order maximize your business's efficiency and most importantly, profit. However, unlike some of the cutthroat, ruthless tactics people engaged in on their quest for the "$1 million" prize on "Survivor", business benchmarking is non-competitive, and is an effective resource that ensures that everyone can get their fair share of that "$1 million" prize.

Become part of your own round table

What performance benchmarking and having a peer benchmarking group does is it allows you and a group of typically 8-14 entrepreneurs to compare and evaluate each other's methods and strategies and see who sets the benchmark standard, and just how that standard can be obtained. During the Medieval times, Knights congregated at a round table as to ensure nobody had an elevated status. Our business mentoring programs offer a conceptualized CEO round table that allows peer mentoring to occur while everyone is of equal status.

Get insights for your business from peers in your industry

Ron Sturgeon has first-hand experience of being a part of a business roundtable. For 10 years Ron belonged to an auto-salvage benchmarking group and he can attest that his benchmarking group was instrumental to his success. It was business peer mentoring that allowed Ron to dramatically improve certain facets of his business because he was able to see first-hand just what other owners were doing, and just how he could capitalize on their successes. He also learned from his peers what not to do and how to prevent potential failures from occurring.

Our Guarantee

Ron now offers auto-salvage consulting and can assure that his benchmarking techniques are industry proven. His entrepreneur mentoring programs enable you to save time and money you would be wasting a private consultant. He rest assures that you will discover new, captivating ideas and helpful, functional tactics and if they do not earn you five times the cost of attending the peer benchmarking review group, he will even refund your registration cost in full.