You can find any number of sample business plans on the Internet. At first glance, the sample plan can be an intimidating document: There are sections for your business, you and your people, your marketing plan, your cash flow plans, and more. Strange as it may seem, such an intimidating sample plan can be a good thing: it lets you know exactly the sort of detail you should expect to provide.

But although a sample plan can be a useful tool in teaching you how to write a business plan, it’s no match for the help you can get from a business plan consultant. Any successful entrepreneur can tell you that the right business plan doesn’t come out of a book: The best way to learn is through business mentoring—learning how it’s done from somebody who has done it!

Ron Sturgeon, Mr. Mission Possible, is just that sort of business coach. He talks about the virtues and vices of the sample business plan in his peer benchmarking groups, consulting assignments, and speaking engagements. Let Ron show you how to go beyond the sample business plan to lay the groundwork for true, lasting business success!

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