Every successful entrepreneur knows the value of a small business plan, and every small business plan should be seen by at least one set of experienced eyes before it goes to the bankers. Better yet, bring in the outside help during the process, so that someone with a different perspective can point out any possible issues or flaws before they’re written into the plan.

That’s the job of a business plan consultant. Good business plan consultants have written a few business plans of their own; the best have made their mark as an entrepreneur and offer business mentoring. They can help you develop your marketing strategy, your growth strategy and your business development strategy. They can offer you the kind of unvarnished advice that a good friend might shy away from. In sum, they can help you write a plan that will lead to business success.

Ron Sturgeon, Mr. Mission Possible, has been helping his fellow entrepreneurs with their business plans for some time now. He shares his knowledge in consulting assignments, in his peer benchmarking groups and in speaking engagements.

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