Ron Sturgeon, Mr. Mission Possible, has authored and published books on various topics for the small business owner. Several of his books have been translated into other languages. Purchase one of the books below. They also make great corporate gifts.

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earn $100k as a salon pro

Insider’s Guide To Earning $100k As A Salon Pro


Practical advice on making the jump from employee to independent, the book includes the real-world perspectives of five other successful independent stylists and tips from a salon-suite leasing agent about choosing a location and the questions to ask before leasing space.

peer benchmarking groups

Peer Benchmarking Groups


Even if you’ve never heard of peer benchmarking groups before you picked up this book, you know more about it than you think. You’ve already heard phrases related to the basic concept—two heads are better than one, let’s put our heads together, don’t reinvent the wheel, etc.

409 low cost events

409 Low Cost Events


409 Low Cost Events will help your business with low cost event marketing ideas. Event marketing can help your small business become bigger, better and more profitable. It can set your business part and make it the one everyone is talking about.

mr mission possible magazine

Mr. Mission Possible Magazine


A collection of the best management tips from articles written by Ron Sturgeon, small business consultant. Included is an article on the seven biggest advertising mistakes most businesses make.

Russian edition How To Salvage MillionsOut of stock

How to Salvage Millions From Your Small Business – Russian Edition


Узнать секреты выращивания малого бизнеса в смутные времена

Первое издание как спасти миллионы на ваш малый бизнес был опубликован сразу после лопнувшего пузыря Интернета. Технологические акции упали на ночь, предприятия закрыты, а рабочие места исчезли.