Peer Mentoring for Graphic Design Firms Can Help You Draw More Profits!

If you could design the future, it’s a sure bet things wouldn’t look like they do now. In this era of the Internet, newspapers and magazines are kicking talented graphics designers out the door—and just like you, they’re looking for work. You’ve got some experience in graphic art design, maybe even Web graphic design; perhaps a client base that newcomers would envy; and you know how to turn a creative design idea into good money. But in these days of ever-increasing competition, you’ve got to pay more attention than ever to the business and marketing side.

Of course, you’re doing that now, so the questions are:

• How can you do it better?
• How can you make yourself stand apart from the competition?
• How can you make sure you get your share, and more, of the jobs that are out there?
• How can you maximize your resources?
• How can you make sure you’re taking the best strategic tack?

For tough questions like these, it’s time to call in the cavalry—the combined experience and knowledge of a proven small business consultant and the expertise that only those who work in your chosen field share! It’s time to bring in a Peer Benchmarking Review Group! It’s like a team of very specialized consultants!

Peer Benchmarking for Graphic Design Firms Comes With A Money-Back Guarantee!

The concept is simple: We bring you, and fellow designers who work in different market segments, together with a highly successful entrepreneur and business coach, Ron Sturgeon. After everyone has signed their non-disclosure agreement and settled in, it’s time to get to the numbers!

• Learn where you stand in relation to your peers!
• Learn what business strategies are working for them—and how to use those strategies in your business!
• Learn how to prioritize your most important initiatives to build your business—the group will run them through a “Big and Easy Analysis,” so you walk away with vetted and proven ideas!
• Review your marketing strategy with a hard look at the Internet. Are you doing the most you can with your Web site, bulk e-mail and services like Facebook? Let Ron show you how they can drive sales!

Business mentor Ron Sturgeon has specialized for years in business planning and business development. He knows what it takes to succeed because he’s done it himself; he knows that peer mentoring works because it’s worked for him. That’s why participants in Peer Benchmarking Review Groups for Graphics Design Firms get a 100 percent money back guarantee!

Don’t delay: Contact Ron today to get more information or to save a seat at the table for the next session! Call 866-945-3955!