small business consulting

If you are a small business owner, it is entirely possible that, at times, you feel lost and unsure of the direction you are heading.  Maybe you have a major decision to make regarding the products you carry.  Perhaps you have decisions to make about the efficiency of your manufacturing process, or the image your brand portrays to the customers.  We’ve all been there.  We have all faced those dilemmas.

That is why small business consulting is so important, and that is why Ron Sturgeon, one of the leading entrepreneurs in the Fort Worth area, is a name you need to hold onto for the future.  Mr. Mission Possible is available to discuss your particular dilemma with you, and give you valuable insight into a solution. Call Ron at 817-834-3625, or 817-999-0980 for more information.

What types of small business consulting is available?

Ron can provide assistance for the following situations:

  • Small business advertising/marketing
  • Strategic planning
  • How to obtain small business loans
  • How to run a small home-based business
  • Growth strategies
  • Developing a small business plan
  • Search engine optimization and utilization
  • Small business coaching
  • Small business speaker for company motivation

Let’s talk about each of these in a bit more detail.

Small business advertising

A small operating budget does not mean miniscule advertising; it simply means you need to get creative.  Ron can show you ways to get the most from your advertising dollars.

Strategic planning

Where is your company headed? Do you even know?  What is  your long-range plan, and how do you expect to achieve it? You need strategic planning if you don’t have answers for those questions.

Small business loans

Strapped for cash? Do you need an infusion of money to move your business to the next level?  There’s a science to obtaining small business loans, and Ron can teach you the way.

Home-based business

Never before, in the history of capitalism, has the time been more accepting for home-based businesses.  Ron can teach you how to start one, how to manage one, and how to become successful with one.  Big things really do some in small packages.

Growth strategies

Do you feel like your business is stuck in neutral?  Not sure how to shift to the next gear? There are certain strategies which, when utilized, will propel your business to the next level of success.

Small business plan

No business should open its doors without a clear and precise business plan, and yet many businesses start out without one.  Don’t make that mistake with your small business. Learn how to write up an effective business plan which will be the guiding star for your enterprise.


Search engine optimization, what it is, why it is important, and how to use it to your advantage.

Small business coaching

Everyone needs a mentor.  None of us do well going through life alone, and in business it is especially important to have a person you can lean on, a person you can call for a word of clarity.  A small business coach like Ron Sturgeon is that person.

Small business speaker

Liven up the company employees, give them a shot of positive adrenaline, and jump-start your business when it needs it most.  A motivational business speaker can do wonders for employees, and management, who are just going through the motions and feel stuck in the blahs.

Call Mr. Mission Possible today, and get your small business up and running on two healthy business legs.