Strategic Planning Using The Big and Easy Analysis (60 minutes)

Every successful business owner knows about strategic planning. But this seminar will help you analyze and fine-tune your plans, to optimize your profits and growth. Ron will help evaluate your plans, and teach you how to critique your own initiatives using the Big and Easy Analysis.

In a group of other business owners and managers, you will receive input and advice from people who have probably conquered the same challenges you’re facing. Your strategic business plans and initiatives will be evaluated, prioritized, and refined.

The Big and Easy Analysis is a powerful tool, which Ron learned while working at Ford Motor Company after selling his salvage business to them in 1999. You will also learn how to utilize this tool internally, to keep your team members focused and motivated. Topics are varied and personalized for each presentation. Even in the toughest economy, some businesses prosper; this seminar will help make sure yours is one of them.