They know your business first-hand, from the inside. Peer Benchmarking Review Groups deliver the collective knowledge of business owners and executives who have been there and done that. Add the insights of group facilitator and successful serial entrepreneur Ron Sturgeon and joining will help you to:

  • Build strong mentoring relationships with top performers in your industry
  • Learn what is working (and what isn’t!) for other owners in non-competitive markets
  • Get field-tested solutions from owners of businesses like yours
  • Profit from the experience of group facilitator and million dollar business builder Ron Sturgeon
  • Widen competitive advantages against local competitors who don’t participate
  • Hear fresh ideas and time tested techniques that will pay back the cost of attendance many times over
  • Receive candid feedback and business growth guidance from your peer group
  • Learn from other business owners with complementary skill sets
  • Save time and money when compared to hiring a private consultant

We don’t solicit to start ups in early stages of development – your peers will be seasoned veterans. They all will have significant experience in your industry and actionable insights into how to make your business grow and prosper now.

What will you get out of Attending a Peer Benchmarking Review Group?

  • Learn how to plan for, execute and measure a successful campaign to attract new profitable customers
  • Learn what the leaders in your industry are doing right now to make a measurable difference in their bottom lines
  • Learn how to improve your margins from your peer with the best margins
  • Learn low cost ways to get new customers in a recession
  • Understand the real world metrics for your industry and your company.
  • Hear business builder Ron Sturgeon’s advice on where to concentrate your efforts for maximum ROI
  • Connect with other like-minded, forward thinking high energy entrepreneurs
  • Tap the business building experience of non-competitive peers and your expert facilitator.

To Build Your Sales, You’ll Learn New Tactics To:

  • Attract – Building a steady stream of qualified prospects for your goods or services
  • Convert – Precise tactics for converting a higher percentage of prospects into buyers
  • Fulfill – Serving clients in a way that creates customer loyalty, not just customer satisfaction
  • Leverage – Creating powerful referral networks and market dominance

Your Participation in a Peer Benchmarking Review Group Includes:

  • A full day facilitated meeting with 8-14 other entrepreneurs from outside your market area but within your industry
  • Industry specific, real world tested ideas to increase your market share and profits
  • Insights from serial entrepreneur Ron Sturgeon. Ron’s broad consulting experience and benchmarking group history assures you of out of the box thinking and value added for your group.
  • Proven methods now used by your peers to lower costs
  • Open discussion of the key operating metrics for your business and how a few of your peers excel in each metric
  • Candid evaluation of your proposed business growth initiatives and advice to improve your success rate
  • Twice a year meetings with your Peer Benchmarking Review Group to deepen mentoring relationships with leaders in your industry.
  • Access to a discussion board for business owners within your industry.
  • Email support from group facilitators and Ron Sturgeon for 60 days.

To Improve Your Processes & Lower Your Costs, Your Group will Review:

  • Your processes and procedures, with an eye toward consolidation and cradle-to-grave treatment
  • Techniques to apply metrics and peer business experiences to identify cost savings in your business
  • Actionable tactics for overcoming quality control issues
  • How to use unit cost overhead to pinpoint possible cost savings
  • Simple ways to assess customers’ needs and how good a fit particular customer segments are for you