Potholes and Keyholes, Consolidation and Compaction (55 minutes)


Every entrepreneur hits a pothole now and then. Ron Sturgeon is one of the world’s experts on navigating those potholes and surviving them. Ron will present practical business solutions that entertain as well as enlighten.  Attendees will benefit from Ron’s often-humorous tales of his own experiences on topics ranging from handling an IRS audit to improving sales productivity. Ron knows how to get results, and he’ll share his secrets for motivating people to hit the target [pulling them through a keyhole].

Struggling to compete against consolidators? Ron will present ideas on how you can grow inside the cage with the 600-pound gorilla (He sold his $15mm business to Ford Mtr Co, then bought the entire subsidiary back 4 years later, with sales of $140mm, but losing a substantial amount per month). You will also learn creative ways to survive price compaction from this seasoned entrepreneur.