Please see how to write a business plan.

When it comes to writing business plans, the No. 1 rule is simple: It’s not a one-person (or one-group) job! Make sure someone who isn’t involved in your plans takes a critical look at what you’re doing, and make sure that person is willing to give you the advice you need, even if it means being bluntly truthful. You don’t want to end up sitting at the loan officer’s desk being told in painful detail just why your plan won’t work!

Your friends may be able to help you here; ideally, though, you’ll turn to a business plan consultant—someone who has written a small business plan before and knows what works and doesn’t work. Ron Sturgeon, Mr. Mission Possible, covers business plans in his peer benchmarking groups and consulting assignments. He’s also available for speaking engagements. As a successful entrepreneur, he knows the ins and outs of business plans!

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