Entrepreneurship is the American way, and there’s no shortage of places you can turn to get small business help: The local bookstore offers row after row of volumes on business plans, business development and business start-ups; the Internet is loaded with do-it-yourself small business sites; and there are even TV shows designed to help you, the small businessperson.

But this wealth of resources is diminished by a serious flaw. No book, no Web site, and no TV show can offer you the best sort of help: Assistance tailored to your specific needs. For that, your best bet is small business consulting.

A veteran business management consultant who is a successful entrepreneur in his own right—let’s say Ron Sturgeon, Mr. Mission Possible, for example—can offer you cost-effective ways to improve your business. The money you spend won’t be wasted, which is far more than you can say for many business books!

Ron offers small business help through a variety of services, including peer benchmarking groups, consulting assignments and speaking engagements. Pick the one that works for you!

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