Why you need a business mentor like Ron Sturgeon

You may not realize it at this moment, but if you are a small business owner you need a business mentor to help you tackle major business consulting topics. This article is going to tell you about the benefits you can expect to gain from business mentorship.  If you need more information I invite you to give Mr. Mission Possible, Ron Sturgeon, a call at (817) 999-0980.

What is mentorship in business?

A mentor in business is a successful person who is dedicated to guide you and support you through your business endeavor in a business coaching program.  It is a person who has been there and done that, a person who can give you advice, support, encouragement, or all three.  An old saying goes that successful people surround themselves with successful people, and it is that philosophy which best supports the use of a mentor.

The benefits of mentorship

The first benefit of mentorship we will talk about is advice.  Let’s consider a scenario.  There is young man who started a business six months ago.  There is also a man who is now in his fifties who is the CEO of a Fortune 500 corporation.  Which of those two men do you suppose knows the most about navigating through the business world?

Never discount experience! The basics of business have not changed in hundreds of years.  A mentor can give you advice which was valid twenty years ago, is valid today, and will be valid in another twenty years. They can help you with benchmarking for business and a variety of other strategies.

The second advantage of mentorship is . . .

Perspective!  This is tied closely to advice.  Because a mentor has been there and done that, they can offer advice based on context and nuance in a particular situation.  Business is not black and white. Dealing with customers is as varied as the customers themselves. Dealing with government employees requires nuance and a knowledge of the system.  A mentor knows these things.

The third advantage is . . .

A mentor can improve your skills which will be applicable in any business situation you encounter.  A mentor is not a “one and done” sort of consultant.  A mentor will be there for the long run, giving you sage advice which is applicable in all facets of business.  Think the movie “The Karate Kid” and the wise old sensei, Mr. Myogi.  A mentor will be your Mr. Myogi.

The fourth advantage of mentorship . . .

Is help in networking!  A mentor has already climbed the corporate ladder, and he/she has met successful people along the way.  You will be introduced to those people, and those relationships will be beneficial for years to come.

And finally . . .

Mentorships provide long-lasting relationship and friendships, and we can never have enough friends in business.  It’s a cutthroat world out there, and the more good friends you have in business, the more likely you will survive.

Meet Mr. Mission Possible

Ron Sturgeon (Mr. Mission Possible) has a passion for helping small businesses achieve success. His experience in establishing and managing his own companies makes him a perfect ally for any business – big or small. Over the years, Ron has learned practical ways to systematically build your business and achieve greater efficiency, productivity, and profit.

He will help you learn to manage your resources, sharpen your marketing focus, and increase sales and revenue. Ron has served as a successful consultant for start-ups, acquisitions, and turnarounds.  Check out all of Ron’s books for valuable information.