search engine optimization, what is it? ron sturgeon explains in his web development white board meetingsSearch Engine Optimization is simpler than it sounds. It’s optimizing your site so that it has the greatest likelihood of appearing high in search results for the keyword phrases that a user of Google (or another search engine) might type into the search box.

For example, if you own a pool cleaning company in North Richland Hills, you might want to appear on page one of the Google results when a searcher types “North Richland Hills pool service” into the Google search box.

Google wants you to tell it what you want surfers to know, and based on a lot of factors, Google knows which pages to show those potential customers for what you sell.

The magic of Google is that you can put your offer in front of a prospect at the precise moment when he asks for information about what you have to sell.

Ron understands SEO from a street-savvy perspective, and he can help you think about what you want Google (and other search engines) to know about your business. He will make it simple for you and your developer.

“Ron has an uncanny ability to ‘connect the dots,’ making things simple for entrepreneurs. It’s tough to take complex topics like the web and how search engines work and translate them into plain English for those wanting to use the Internet to attract new customers.” – Paula F., Lewisville, TX

Starting with a sound business strategy and your USP (Unique Selling Proposition), Ron will then show you how to use SEO to make sure your site attracts the right traffic.

He will also teach you how to measure results to make sure you are steadily increasing traffic to your site, using simple-to-use free tools like Google Analytics. Nothing fancy here, just good business tactics you can understand and apply to your business.

Download Ron’s Best Practices for Search Engine Optimization worksheet before you start working with him in a white board meeting to plan your web site.

The worksheet will also very useful when you’re assessing whether your developer has used the latest tools to get your web site ranked for the right keyword phrases.

In just a few hours, Ron will show you how to make sure SEO is utilized on your site to maximize leverage and lower your customer acquisition cost.

By measuring three times, then cutting, you will save time and money, and your developer can focus on getting you a web presence that will bring you inquiries and new customers.

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