how to make your website produce more revenue, ron sturgeon, web development white board meetingsIf your strategy for growth doesn’t include the web, you’re likely to be missing a lot of potential clients. One of Ron’s specialties is helping clients design a web site that works for them. Ron doesn’t put up web sites, and he isn’t trying to sell you web development services.

What he does want to do is bridge the gap between you and your web developer and make certain that your web site attracts new clients for your business.

“I couldn’t believe how simple Ron made it, and how much I learned about how to make the web work for me.” P. Delaney, Haltom City, TX

Even the smartest small business people can get a lot less for their web development dollars than they should. You don’t know what you don’t know. And in the case of building a web site for a small or medium-sized business, what you don’t know can be costly.

When you meet with a web developer, you will give him some idea what you want, and he will give you some thoughts, and then proceed with an agreed upon scope of work.

You aren’t likely to get the strategic marketing advice that you need to make your web site ring the cash register.

Ron understands the web and knows how to translate your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) into a web site that will convert browsers into buyers.

Ron will help you create a successful web site by making sure that your web strategy includes these elements:

  • USP for your business
  • how to choose your domain,
  • how to drive the right traffic to your site
  • how to build a site that will turn visitors into inquiries
  • how to use ethical techniques to improve search engine rankings for the right keywords

How did Ron get to be a search expert?

A few years ago, Ron spent thousands of dollars to create a site for a new venture. It was a good looking site, but because Ron didn’t know what he didn’t know, the developers built it in such a way that it was almost completely invisible to people searching for the service the venture provided.

After spending tens of thousands of dollars trying to build a search friendly site, he decided to educate himself on all the latest tools to make the web work for him.

Ron shares this knowledge so that they don’t have to go through the pain and expense he did to achieve success on the web. You have likely found this site because you need to get your web site to work for your business. .

Ron will have a “white board meeting” with you and your web developer by video phone or in person for about 2 hours to get everyone on track. Some web developers aren’t always pleased to be at a meeting where the principles of search-engine-friendly web design are laid out in plain English.

The true web development professionals love our meetings because they know that the more you know, the easier collaborating to create a revenue-producing website will be.

Find out more about Ron’s “right the first time” web development white board meetings.