how to choose a domain name, ron sturgeon explains in his web development white board meetings“Ron made choosing a domain name so easy, and it made perfect sense.”

Bill S, Arlington, TX

Choosing a good domain is not easy. Generally, your domain name should be memorable, short, and tied closely to the product or service.

Even before you consider choosing a domain name, you should devote time to developing a sound web strategy. Who will your customers be? What sets you apart from others offering the same or similar products or services?

Once you have a good unique selling proposition (USP), you may find that the web can dramatically decrease your customer acquisition costs if you are able to translate the USP into an effective web presence.

In addition to developing a USP and web strategy, you should also think about where your web traffic will come from. Will you be attempting to attract visitors from search engines (organic traffic)? Will you be using Pay Per Click to generate traffic to your site? Will your URL be part of other advertising to drive traffic?

If you are counting on getting traffic from the search engines, you should consider selecting a domain name that can help you do that. By choosing a domain name that includes a good search term, you can improve the probability that the site will rank well in the search engines for that keyword term.

Fortunately, you don’t need to guess what terms people are typing into the search engines when they look for the products and services that you sell. Ron can show you the free tools you need to discover valuable search terms and good domain names for your venture.

A good domain name is a valuable and should be protected by being properly registered with safeguards against unauthorized transfer. Ron can help you make certain that you have protected your domain and properly registered it.

Let Ron help you with choosing a domain as part of your overall web strategy. In your  white board meeting, you will learn all about domains as well as other tactics you need to make the web work for you.