Peer Mentoring For Sheet Metal Fabricators Will Help You Make Bigger Profits!

They’re not throwing up homes at the frantic pace of the good old days, but there’s still plenty for sheet metal fabricators to do. There’ll still be a market for sheet metal awnings, canopies, cornices and gutters, as well as guardrails (there’ll always be a market for guardrails). So the opportunities still exist . . . are you making the most of them?

Could you be in a better position to take advantage of those opportunities?
Would the knowledge and experience of a dozen other experienced, motivated sheet metal fabricators help you to refine your marketing and business plans?
Could you benefit from new ideas to drive sales and increase your market share from a proven consultant and successful entrepreneur?
Finally, would you like to make 2010 the best year yet for your fabrication business?

We’d like to invite you to join other successful sheet metal entrepreneurs and small business consultant Ron Sturgeon, Mr. Mission Possible, to take part in the cost-effective alternative to traditional business consulting: the Peer Benchmarking Review Group! It does everything a team of consultants could do—and more!

Peer Benchmarking For Sheet Metal Fabricators Is Guaranteed To Work!

The idea is simple: We line up successful, motivated sheet metal fabricators like yourself and team you with business mentor Ron Sturgeon, a highly successful entrepreneur in his own right. Once everyone is settled in, it’s time to dig into the numbers!

The metrics show you how you’re doing in comparison with your peers. They also show you which business strategies are helping participants post above-average numbers. You see how those strategies work—and how they can work for you!
Remember to bring your most important initiatives for cutting costs and increasing revenue along with you—they’ll get a “Big and Easy Analysis” that takes advantage of the combined expertise of the group and helps you prioritize your ideas for the maximum payoff!
You’ll also learn how the marketing power of the Internet can power your profits! Let Ron Sturgeon show you how your Web site, bulk e-mail, and services like Craigslist, eBay and Facebook can help you capture market share!

Don’t worry about the competition; once an entrepreneur agrees to take part, all other applicants from his or her market are excluded from the session. In addition, each participant must sign a non-disclosure agreement before taking a seat at the table.

Business coach Ron Sturgeon’s early experience with peer mentoring made him a believer; that’s why he offers a 100 percent money back guarantee to participants in Peer Benchmarking Review Group sessions for sheet metal fabricators! Contact Ron today to get more information or to sign up for the next session!