Peer Consulting For Secretarial Services Firms Will Boost Your Profits!

Whether your business is engaged primarily in stenography, letter and résumé writing, or document editing or proofreading, whether your focus is typing services or transcription or both, there will always be business opportunities available for secretarial services firms. But are in you in the best position to take advantage of those opportunities? Have you differentiated yourself—set yourself apart from the secretary services competition? Have you set your priorities in a way that makes the most of the resources you have at hand? What’s the best way to get more clients, streamline your operation, and maximize your profits? You can find the answers at your Peer Benchmarking Review Group session!

When it comes to consultants, one is not enough! Anyone who’s been to a brainstorming session knows that some of the best ideas result when they’re bounced around the table—when the group polishes and refines the great ideas of its members! That’s the way Peer Benchmarking Review Groups work! We take you and other experienced owners of secretarial services frims who have become successful in the secretarial services business, add a veteran business consultant who knows the ins and outs of business development and business planning, and let the ideas flow!

–Learn the ideas that are working for your successful peers, just as they learn what works for you. Add what you learn to the strategic plans that will add muscle to your bottom line!
–Bring your cost-cutting and growth-creating initiatives to the table, where they’ll get a “Big and Easy Analysis” that takes advantage of the group’s combined experience!
–Learn how to make the Internet work for you! Ron Sturgeon, Mr. Mission Possible, can show you how to use Web sites, bulk e-mail and services such as eBay, Facebook and Craigslist to drive business!
–Leave the session with business strategies that have been vetted by your peers and a veteran entrepreneur—and with a plan for putting them into action!

Peer Benchmarking for Secretarial Firms Is Guaranteed To Work!