Peer Consulting For Interior Decorators and Designers Gives You An Inside Line on Profits!

In times like these, when chasing down a job lead can take more than a little creativity, it’s a good time to place a sound emphasis on the business part of your interior design business. You’ve got the interior design and interior decorating skills, but in challenging times it’s the business skills that can count the most. That’s because there are opportunities for interior designers and interior decorators in bad times as well as good. Could you be in a better position to make the most of those opportunities? Are you ready to refine or rebuild your business plan to make it the envy of your competitors? Then read on!

A good small business consultant is worth his or her weight in gold—and sometimes it seems as if that’s the going rate. But we can do better than that: We can offer the equivalent of a team of consultants, people who know the interior design business inside and out just like you do, led by an experienced small business advisor who has known more than his share of success! It’s called a Peer Benchmarking Review Group, and you’re invited to join us at the table!

We take eight to 10 of your fellow successful interior designers, chosen from markets that don’t overlap; led by Mr. Mission Possible, Ron Sturgeon, we go through the numbers. You learn how your business compares with that of your peers. Oftentimes, you’ll find that one participant’s numbers rise dramatically above the rest. That’s when you go behind the numbers to find out why that’s happening—and how you can duplicate it!

Bring your best initiatives on how to lower your costs, build your client base and improve your profits—you can tap the group’s combined experience to vet those ideas in a “Big and Easy Analysis!”

Learn how the Internet can work for you—Ron can guide you through the tangled Web to show you the best tools to increase your leads, including services such as Facebook, eBay and Craigslist, as well as Web sites and bulk e-mail! When the session’s over, you’ll be equipped with the interior designer business strategies that’ll help build your bottom line!

Peer Benchmarking for Interior Decorators and Designers: It’s Guaranteed!

Not only does business coach Ron Sturgeon vouch for the power of peer mentoring, he guarantees it! That’s right, Peer Benchmarking Review Groups come with a 100 percent money back guarantee! Contact Mr. Mission Possible today to learn more about how to lower your costs and increase your profits through a Peer Benchmarking Review Group for interior designers and decorators, or even better to save your seat at the table!