It’s Full Steam Ahead With Peer Consulting for Dry Cleaners!

The rise of “casual Fridays”—well, “casual every days,” really—in the workplace hasn’t exactly been a boon for the dry cleaning industry. “Taken to the cleaners” took on a different meaning. But things might be changing. In many businesses, the idea of “casual” just doesn’t have the same ring to it anymore. And even in the worst of times, folks still have good clothes that need dry cleaning. So there are opportunities, and there may be more soon.

Which makes now the right time to ask these questions:

• Could you be in a better position to take advantage of any opportunities that might arise?
• Would the experience and expertise of a dozen other dry cleaning shop owners help you improve and expand your business plan?
• Could you benefit from new ideas to control costs and increase market share from a highly successful entrepreneur and proven business management consultant?

If the answers are “yes,” then you’re ready to join us for the cost-effective way to find the solutions you seek: a Peer Benchmarking Review Group for Dry Cleaners! It’s better than hiring a consultant—it’s like hiring a team of consultants!

Peer Benchmarking For Dry Cleaners Will Work For You—Or Your Money Back!

We take you and other successful, driven dry cleaning services owners, selected from markets that don’t overlap, together with veteran, respected small business consultant Ron Sturgeon, Mr. Mission Possible. Once participants have signed their non-disclosure agreements and settled in, we put the numbers through the works!

• Learn where you stack up in relation to your peers!
• Sort through the metrics to learn what business strategies are working in other markets—and find out how they work, so you can put them to good use yourself!
• Prioritize your most important initiatives with the help of the group through a “Big and Easy Analysis!”
• Let Ron Sturgeon show you how to harness the marketing power of the Internet! Learn how your Web site, bulk e-mail and services such as Facebook can help increase your market share!

Peer mentoring helped business coach Ron Sturgeon build a one-employee business into one of the largest of its type in Texas! His successful experience has given him all the confidence he needs to offer a 100 percent money back guarantee! to participants in Peer Benchmarking Review Groups for dry cleaning shops!

Contact Ron today to get more information or to reserve your seat at the table! Call 866-945-3955!