Just like writing a novel, building a house, giving a speech or creating a work of art, starting a new business requires planning.  While planning is typically the least enjoyable part of any venture, it is probably the most essential, because a good plan will help you avoid problems and overruns.  In business, learning how to make a business plan can save you time, money and heartache because it will keep you focused on your goals.  The business planning process doesn’t have to be difficult, and there are plenty of examples available for free.  But what if you have a specific question that can’t be answered from a how-to guide or your buddy?  That’s when you need a business expert like Ron Sturgeon to help you out.

Ron Sturgeon is an entrepreneur with nearly four decades experience starting and running businesses.  From a simple auto repair garage, Ron has built an empire of business interests in the automotive, technology and real estate realms, and his diverse experience makes him the perfect professional to help you in writing a business plan.  Economically, times are tough, but there are still plenty of opportunities for success out there.  Don’t let poor business planning prevent you from being the next success.  Call Ron Sturgeon today.

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