If in the auto business you need to join an auto salvage benchmarking group

You are in the auto business and you are in a down economy and have been wondering what you could do to join an auto salvage benchmarking group. You can begin your journey right now with Mr. Mission Impossible Ron Sturgeon and be a part of his benchmarking group. In this and other groups like his business peer benchmarking review groups you will receive business peer mentoring from other leaders in your same industry but from different markets.

This process is done around a business roundtable where industry discussions are the topic and there is a mediator on hand like Ron Sturgeon who has a proven track record of success in this industry and many others. You will learn what it takes to thrive and grow in this economy by measuring with others in your auto salvage benchmarking group what has or has not worked well, setting the standards of success and then pushing those standards to a new level by implementing strategies and then meeting again in the future to compare notes and repeat the process.​​

You can have the auto salvage consulting you need without compromising

You can have the auto salvage consulting that you need without compromising your position with competitors. The beauty of auto salvage benchmarking groups is that you are never in discussion with businesses in your own market, ever. You will be in a peer mentoring situation that allows you the freedom to disclose vital information and also to hear vital information without worry. Ron Sturgeon will explain how it works in detail when you contact us.

Ron’s entrepreneur mentoring programs will do much the same for your ultimate success but in a different avenue. These programs help you to explore other fields that may interest you and or may enhance the industry that you are already in. Take insurance for instance. Our insurance industry benchmarking groups are sometimes comprised of business owners who have spawned from our auto salvage benchmarking groups because insurance naturally is an add on business. With a peer benchmarking group and business mentoring programs, you never know where it will lead!​​​

Adding benchmarking for business for ultimate success

Adding benchmarking for business for your ultimate success is the popular slogan floating around the business community these days. Now you know where you can begin that journey ​and it can start now when you contact us and let Mr. Mission Impossible change and rock your business world! Learning what benchmarking can do to highlight your successes, share them with others, reveal new insight into what you could do better for improvement and helping to set the very best standard is what this is all about.

Auto salvage benchmarking groups are just one industry of success. There are so many others and the list is growing. If you will ask any successful business owner what is just one thing that he attributes to his success and I am sure he will say peer mentoring! There is no better technique than benchmarking to begin to determine where you stand alongside of your peers. This business benchmarking which includes performance benchmarking sets the stage of new ideas, discarding old ideas that don’t work and pushing to excellence!

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