“Ron’s expertise in the salvage industry is second to none! His hands-on approach to helping you salvage millions from your small business is the straight forward talk all owners need—if they want to succeed in this ever-changing climate. He helped me to focus my attention on a new purchasing and web strategy for growing our business, while reducing our cost of goods. Sales are up; cost of goods is down 10 points as a direct result of his resources and help. He also helped me put together a very aggressive e-mail campaign to accompany our web strategy, which has seen advertising cost shrink and website traffic skyrocket! Going to a benchmarking session has turned out to be very wise investment.”

Kenny Grainger
Cash-n-Carry Pull Your Part


Thanks for the entertaining and inspiring talk at the Tarrant County Entrepreneur’s Club meeting last week.  Your success provides a model for us all, and I enjoyed our discussion during lunch.  Our organization has great potential and we look forward to developing it.  Your guidance is appreciated”

Financial Advisor
Milton Financial Group of Raymond James & Associates

“One thing Ron is very good at is taking something that appears fairly complicated and breaking it down so that even a layman (or a writer) can understand it.”

Paula Felps
Syndicated writer for numerous business and lifestyle publications

“Thanks again for your help. Yes you have paid for yourself and we probably doubled our money on you in one month. Two weeks have passed since we changed the stripping line and we have already saved over $2000.”

Kent Rothwell
Weaver Automotive Inc.